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TrueDark Yellow Lenses - Spiderman

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Product Details

TrueDark® is a health and wellness consumer brand created by and co-founded by Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof Coffee) that uses patent-pending technology to help people protect their eyes and improve their quality of life. TrueDark® products essentially minimize your exposure to harmful light – day or night – and restore your natural circadian rhythm and bring balance to your mind & body. Think about TrueDark® technology solutions like noise-canceling headphones for your eyes. They protect your internal processes from the disruption, chaos and noise of the world. They help you feel, live and be better. TrueDark was created with the vision to create more awareness about "junklight" and inspire change in the quality of man-made artificial light. We teach people how to use light and dark to sleep, feel and live better. We research and develop products that can help people overcome “junk light” and utilize healthy light resources within their daily lives. New research comes out daily that shows how light can both help and harm people. TrueDark has a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists working to fulfill the vision. Our products are used in all 50 US states and in 55 countries across the globe. Junk light may contribute to and/or be linked to many chronic health conditions, including but not limited to: Eye strain Headaches Short-term memory loss Problems sleeping, due to melatonin suppression Stress and anxiety, due to cortisol suppression \n \nYellow lensed daytime eyewear blocks 75% of blue light to help sync your circadian rhythm. Ideal for environments that are lit with artificial blue light and exposure to blue light emitting devices.

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