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Triple Protection Bracelet - 6mm Shungite Hematite Tigers Eye

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Product Details

We created this unisex bracelet for kids, teens, and petite adults so they can feel protected all day long whether at school, work, or at home. Kids these days are surrounded by more emotional, physical, and environmental stress than ever. With 5G, WiFi, electronics, social media, peer pressure, social pressure and so much more it is important to use extra tools, like this bracelet to help them feel powerful, focused, and energized throughout the day. Wearing this bracelet every day, along with everyday stress release habits like meditation and yoga will help your child to feel more productive, happier, and well-balanced no matter where they are. Material: 6mm authentic gemstones on durable, double-strung elastic. Beads may vary slightly in size. Size: For older children, teens, and petite adults wrists (6 in). Also available for adults. Made in United States of America

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