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Starting with the 10 core doTERRA essential oils and blends, the Complete Care Collection expands on that foundation with essential oils and essential oil infused products to benefit even more areas of your overall wellness. Become the hero of your household when you choose naturally sourced wellness solutions for yourself and your whole family. This collection contains: Essential Oils Peppermint 15 mL NPN 80061370 Lemon 15 mL Lavender 15 mL NPN 80061038 Frankincense 15 mL Tea Tree 15 mL NPN 80060950 Copaiba 15 mL Oregano 15 mL Melissa 5 mL Wild Orange 15 mL Helichrysum Touch 10 mL Limited Exclusive! Essential Oil Blends On Guard® 15 mL Balance® 15 mL Deep Blue® 5 mL ZenGest® 15 mL Easy Air® 5 mL Adaptiv™ 15 mL Supplements ZenGest® Softgels NPN 80061038 Peppermint Softgels NPN 80097355 doTERRA Serenity® Restful Complex NPN 80083318 doTERRA Livelong Vitality® Convenience Pack TerraZyme® NPN 80074456 Veggie Caps On Guard Essentials On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash Amber Foaming Handwash Dispenser On Guard™ Hand Wipes 20ct On Guard® Mist On Guard®Mouthwash On Guard® Toothpaste Topical Tools Deep Blue® Rub Fractionated Coconut Oil Correct-X® Accessories Laluz™ Diffuser Deluxe Bamboo Box (Double Drawer)

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