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Blij'r Bobbie - 2 in 1 Dining Chair & High Chair

$ 220.00 CAD
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Product Details

The high quality, reliability and safety of the Blij'r Bobbie - chair is confirmed by the Intertek certificate. The chair meets the guidelines of the EN-standard. The Dutch brand Blij'r is characterized by high quality products and innovative designs. Blij'r Bobbie can work as both a high chair and a comfortable chair for an older child. While sitting in front of the baby, they can see the surroundings better and with a child in your field of vision, you can rest assured. Made of durable beech wood and durable ABS plastic, the chair has the ability to easily adjust the height thanks to the removable legs. The upholstery made of PU material is extremely durable and easy to clean. The understated, Scandinavian design fits perfectly into any type of interior.

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